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Revolutionizing Aviation: Propelling Towards Zero Emissions with HT-PEM Fuel Cell Technology

By Michael Trontzos Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the Wright brothers, whose historic flight in 1903 marked the beginning of aviation, today’s aviation industry faces a critical challenge: addressing carbon emissions. Responsible for 2% of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2022, and escalating faster than rail, road, or shipping, the aviation sector urgently […]

Methanol-Based Fuel Cells – The Answer To Telcos Meeting Sustainability Targets and 5G Energy Requirements

By Morten Thomsen, Senior Sales Manager and Esben Overgaard Hansen, Business Development Manager, Advent Technologies A/S. A massive increase in the amount of data traffic over mobile wireless communication has been observed in recent years, while further rapid growth is expected in the years ahead. With the transition from 4G to 5G technology, Mobile Network […]

‘We went for it:’ Advent CEO talks SPAC strategy, hiring plans

For Vasilis Gregoriou, the first time to become chief executive of a publicly traded company is rapidly approaching. The Cambridge energy firm he cofounded, Advent Technologies Inc., earlier this month agreed to a merger with AMCI Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: AMCI), a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. As a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCI, Advent Technologies Holdings Inc. […]

AMCI Acquisition Corp and Advent Technologies will host a joint investor conference call

AMCI Acquisition Corp and Advent Technologies will host a joint investor conference call to discuss the proposed transaction Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 11:00 am EST. The webcast will be accompanied by a detailed investor presentation. Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 Time: 11:00 a.m. Eastern time Toll-free dial-in number: (888) 753-4238 International dial-in number: (574) […]

Advent gives Li.F.E. to Fuel Cell

Advent develops, manufactures, and licenses solutions for each industry under the Li.F.E.TM (Liquid Fuel Electrochemical Engines) brand name.  Li.F.E engines use HTPEM fuel cell technology with core materials such as membrane electrode assemblies, MEAs produced in house. HT PEM fuel cells offer several advantages as: No need for hydrogen or grid availability Liquid Fuel Flexibility (Methanol, Ethanol, LNG, […]

Advent Technologies 执行长 Dr. Gregoriou 于重庆 国际甲醇汽车及燃料应用会议发表演说

Advent Technologies 公司执行长 Dr. Gregoriou 将于2019年10月11日在重庆举办的国际甲醇汽车及燃料应用会议作为主要演讲人进行大会演说。 甲醇研究所,中国工业和信息化部(MIIT)甲醇汽车促进专家委员会,中国内燃机协会和中国汽车工业协会将于2019年10月11日至13日在中国重庆 悦来会议中心举行国际甲醇汽车和燃料应用会议及博览会。 2019年3月,由中国汽车工业主要政府机构 ,中华人民共和国工业和信息化部(MIIT)发布了一份宣传政策文件 – “中国发展甲醇汽车应用指南”– 推动在中国部署甲醇燃料汽车。 该政策文件鼓励中央政府在重大政策举措的支持下,在中国广泛进行甲醇燃料汽车 – 包括混合动力汽车和燃料电池汽车的推广。 来自中国汽车行业的1000多名代表,地方政府以及国有企业的官员,金融和投资部门的专业人士以及全球甲醇行业的代表预计都将参加此次活动。为期两天的会议将广泛的展现甲醇燃料汽车,零部件供应商和燃料供应基础设施建设者的各式产品方案及特色。 Dr. Gregoriou 提到:“混合动力以及甲醇汽车市场目前真实的在中国发生,我们很高兴能有为中国市场提供技术服务的机会,而实际上我们正在与中国的商务伙伴紧密的配合,并希望能进一步加深并扩展双方的合作。“ Advent Technologie 拥有世界顶尖的电化学专家团队正在进行燃料电池核心质子传导膜、电极、催化剂及电池膜电极组 (MEA)的开发。Adevnt正持续强化研发能量并加强与全球工业伙伴的深度合作。目标为甲醇燃料电池车市场提供具备高价格竞争力的产品,并同时具备稳定且长寿命的产品性能。 Advent目前以Li.F.E(Liquid Fuel Electrochemical Engines,液体燃料电化学发动机)的品牌在燃料电池市场上销售高温质子传导膜(HT-PEM)燃料电池和MEA产品线、发动机。 关于Advent Technologies公司 Advent专注于开发燃料电池在运输、储存、定制型发电以及可携式发电应用领域的材料以及关键部件。有别于传统高纯度氢气燃料,Advent所发展的材料可以应用于更广泛的燃料种类(如:甲醇、天然气、二甲醚等),可以有效将其转化为电能并降低温室气体排放,为全球电气化带来显著贡献。搭配Advent材料的商用卡车可以在几分钟内完成燃料的填充,可缩短一半的锂电池空间,可以行驶更长的距离并且具备更低的成本。Advent并将此里程、成本以及清洁生产等优势应用于APU以及可携电源(无人机、军队、安防)等领域。 Advent公司的专家由多位在产业服务多年科学家所组成,其总部位于美国麻州,在欧洲拥有生产以及RD研发中心设施。Advent目前已经具备了成熟的量产技术能力并在全球进行了专利布局。 Further Information Advent: Chris Kaskavelis, Chief Marketing Officer, [email protected], or [email protected] Conference:

Advent Technologies Presents Advancements in Materials at HT-PEM Fuel Cell Conference

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA and PATRAS, GREECE – Advent Technologies participated in the CARISMA 2019 Conference, in Duisburg, Germany from August 27th to August 30th. The conference brought together the leading scientists and companies from all over the world who lead innovation in the field of high-temperature PEM (HT-PEM) fuel cells. Advancements in membranes, electrodes, bipolar plates and […]

Methanol: the Surprising Solution for Pollution, Global Warming and Electric Car Mass-Adoption

Electric cars are here to stay, and their numbers are growing 60% per year. More than 1 million EVs were sold in 2017, and moderate predictions call for 10 million in 2025, and more than 30 million in 2030 (1). Others are more optimistic and have upgraded these forecasts significantly. Unfortunately, a growing EV market share will […]

Introducing Li.F.E.TM (Liquid Fuel Electrochemical Engines): Methanol and the Future of Electrification

Today at Advent we introduce the term Li.F.E.TM technology for Liquid Fuel Electrochemical engines.
Advent’s Li.F.E.TM technology enables companies in automotive, marine, drone, aviation, and heat&power markets to build clean electrochemical engines that work with liquid fuels (like methanol)