Redox Flow Battery


Longer lifetime
Lower Cost

Membranes and Electrodes for Flow Battery Solutions

One of the most significant challenges is balancing the production of solar and wind-generated power with demand. To address this asymmetry between demand and supply, we need solutions that enable us to store effectively, long-term, and at a low-cost excess power during off-peak periods and release it when needed.


Flow Battery Membranes

are developed by various companies, aiming to address this challenge. Vanadium based flow batteries are the most popular, though other technologies, like iron-based batteries, are gaining momentum.

We provide materials you can test and benchmark and we have the mass-production capability to meet your needs.

Advent’s membranes for redox flow batteries are different than typical ion exchange membranes. Advantages include:

Longer lifetime. Reliability. Lower Cost

Advent is also applying its know-how on electrode systems to develop low cost, high quality electrodes for the leading redox flow battery chemistries.

We forge strategic alliances with OEMs and Tier 1 Manufacturers, co-develop specific solutions and license our technology to them.