Leading the Charge in Enabling Fuel-Cell-Powered Flights

We Make Aviation Sustainable with HT-PEM Fuel Cells

In 2022, the aviation industry contributed to 2% of global energy-related CO2 emissions, presenting a significant challenge to decarbonization goals. Aviation emissions are increasing at a faster rate than those of other transportation modes. HT-PEM fuel cells stand out as the superior choice for clean power within the aviation industry. Advent Technologies is leading the way in developing the critical technological innovations required to achieve net zero emissions in aviation by 2050.


Advancing Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft with HT-PEM Technology

Our HT-PEM MEAs and fuel cells operate at temperatures between 160°C and over 200°C, effectively addressing one of the most significant challenges in the use of fuel cells in aviation: the thermal management problem. HT-PEM fuel cells not only exceed the US DoE’s target for heat rejection but also offer compatibility with various fuel sources, including liquid hydrogen, dimethyl ether, and reformed sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

By leveraging our proprietary Ion Pair™ Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) technology, we are spearheading the development of fuel cells with the goal of enabling flights of up to 1000 kilometers powered exclusively by fuel cells. Through Advent’s Ion-Pair MEA technology, we are reducing the size and weight of fuel cells, extending their operational lifetimes, and enabling them to function at significantly higher current densities.


HT-PEM Fuel Cells for Extended Range and Efficiency

We are developing HT-PEM fuel cells with power outputs ranging from 1kW to hundreds of kWs, customized to meet the specific needs of drones, air-taxis, eVTOLs, and aircraft auxiliary power systems. These fuel cells will operate in tandem with batteries as a hybrid power source, notably improving the range, overall efficiency, and the capability of drones, air-taxis, and eVTOLs to cover greater distances.

Join the Advent Journey

We are forging strategic alliances with aviation leaders to deploy and license our HT-PEM fuel cell technology.