Advent’s Chairman and CEO, Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou, represented us at Renpower Greece 2024 in Athens, organized by Euroconvention Global. During his presentation, Dr. Gregoriou outlined Advent’s latest advancements in HT-PEM fuel cell technology for challenging-to-decarbonize sectors such as heavy-duty automotive, marine, and aviation, while also highlighting Advent’s collaborations with Hyundai Motor Company, Siemens Energy, and Airbus. Additionally, Dr. Gregoriou shared insights into how Advent’s Green HiPo IPCEI project in Kozani, Greece, will drive the green transition in the Western Macedonia region and support Europe’s hydrogen objectives, advancing energy independence. The presentation was followed by an interactive panel discussion moderated by Kostis Geropoulos, where Dr. Gregoriou and esteemed members of the Greek and European energy community, including Panagiotis Panousos, Spyridon Economou, and Goran Erceg, participated, emphasizing the pivotal role of hydrogen and related technologies in shaping Greece’s future energy landscape.