Don’t miss out this Wednesday! On February 7 at 4 pm CET, join our exclusive webinar in collaboration with Mission Hydrogen. Explore Advent’s latest portablepower solution, SereneP, seamlessly combining a battery and a fuel cell. Operating seamlessly on liquid green fuels like methanol, biomethanol, or eMethanol, SereneP is transforming construction sites with clean, efficient, and reliable energy solutions. Hear from Advent’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Chris Kaskavelis, and Advent’s SVP, Morten Sørensen, as they share insights into the cutting-edge technology of the SereneP product line and its applications, along with real-world examples of how SereneP has positively impacted construction projects globally. Save your spot now by registering at and be part of the conversation shaping the future of clean energy in the construction sector and beyond!