Today, Advent proudly joins the U.S.A. in celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, observed each year on October 8 in recognition of the atomic mass of hydrogen – 1.008. It’s clearer than ever that green hydrogen and fuel cells are assuming a pivotal role across various sectors, including transportation, stationary power, and industrial applications. These technologies have the potential to bolster energy security, enhance resilience, and drive thriving economies worldwide! Aiming to expedite global decarbonization through green hydrogen and innovative fuel cell solutions, Advent is making significant strides toward our goal of introducing our HT-PEM technology to the market. We’re actively engaged in developing world-class fuel cells and electrolysers with a low total cost of ownership and a profound environmental impact.

The Inflation Reduction Act is vital for unlocking the acceleration of clean energy technologies in the U.S.

The Act is recognized as the most significant investment in combatting climate change in U.S. history and can be a game-changer for America’s clean energy future. Advent looks forward to further investing in US-based manufacturing in the near future.

Since last year’s National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, we have been steadfast in strengthening our presence in the U.S. and becoming key players in the domestic clean energy sector. We have achieved this by:

  • Opening our new state-of-the-art Fuel Cell R&D and Manufacturing Facility in Boston: In April 2023, we had the honor of hosting Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey, along with other elected officials and esteemed guests, for the official opening of our Hood Park facility. This cutting-edge facility symbolizes a significant investment in Advent’s future growth, empowering us to expand our production capacity and meet the increasing global demand for electrochemical components in the clean energy sector.
  • Enhancing our collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy: Our partnership with the U.S. DoE has taken significant strides. Through our active participation in the inaugural L’Innovator™ program and collaborations with esteemed institutions like Los Alamos National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, we’ve expanded our horizons, entering markets previously inaccessible with existing HT-PEM materials. This fruitful collaboration, which aimed at advancing and commercializing ion-pair Membrane Electrode Assembly technology, recently earned Advent the prestigious Richard P. Feynman Innovation Prize for Technology Transfer Excellence from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • Commercializing our Ion-Pair™ MEA technology: This technology has positioned Advent as a leader in transforming global MEA markets, demonstrating extended operational lifetimes and the ability to operate at significantly higher current densities compared to high-temperature PBI-based MEAs. Following a highly successful technology assessment of our Ion Pair™ MEA technology, in March 2023 we entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Hyundai, with the aim of assisting Hyundai in bringing its future mobility strategy to fruition. Simultaneously, we are actively engaged in discussions regarding Joint Development Agreements in the Genset, Heavy Duty Automotive, Maritime, and Aviation markets.
  • Strengthening our partnership with the U.S. DoD: Our subsidiary, Advent Technologies, LLC, secured a new $2.2 million contract with the U.S. DoD, aiming to support the demanding defense mission requirements of the U.S. Army. As we prepare for increased production volumes, our objective is to further enhance Advent’s proprietary Honey Badger 50™ portable fuel cell system by integrating the company’s innovative Ion Pair™ MEA technology. This contract marks a significant milestone in our journey to expand our market presence and establish Advent’s portable fuel cell products as the preferred choice for critical defense applications.
  • Expanding our presence in the U.S. with deployments of our eFuel-powered fuel cell systems: We have recently received orders for our Serene fuel cell systems, intended for deployment in California and Texas. Advent’s Serene fuel cell systems will serve as both primary and backup power sources, replacing conventional diesel generators while offering a host of unique advantages, including emissions reduction, enhanced space efficiency, and a substantial reduction in noise pollution.

As we look ahead, we are determined to further strengthen our presence in the United States and actively contribute to Europe’s growing hydrogen economy. With the implementation of the Green HiPo project in Kozani, Greece—a monumental endeavor for Advent, Greece, and Europe— we are excitedly looking forward to contributing significantly to Europe’s shift away from fossil fuels, aligning with the E.U.’s goal of reaching 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen production in Europe by 2030!