BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADN) (“Advent“ or the “Company”), an innovation-driven leader in the fuel cell and hydrogen technology space, is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with Electric Ship Facilities B.V. (“ESF”), a Dutch business with over 15 years of experience in electric and hybrid propulsion systems and energy systems for recreational and commercial purposes.

Under the agreement, ESF commits to becoming a future distributor of Advent’s SereneU fuel cell products, further strengthening its portfolio of innovative CO2 reducing technologies. ESF offers demonstrations and state-of-the-art components, helping its customers significantly reduce emissions and achieve energy efficiency. This new collaboration will enable Advent to facilitate trial processes and fuel cell configurations for both land-based and maritime applications, with the initial geographic focus being Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Per Arild, Advent A/S Director of Marketing and Business Development, said “ESF will help us create demonstrations that will effectively showcase the true potential of methanol-based fuel cell solutions as an efficient and reliable alternative to today’s diesel gensets in marine use. ESF will also help us deliver configurations that will stimulate business thinking and will contribute to the faster introduction of our next-generation fuel cell technologies to the European market.”

Advent’s SereneU fuel cells are currently being used for demonstrations within the framework of the Green Shipping Wadden Sea program, an initiative coordinated by FME (a Dutch association of enterprises in the industrial sector), having ESF as one of its founding companies. The Green Shipping program aims to accelerate innovations in the field of CO2-neutral and fossil-free shipping for the Wadden Sea fleet, as well as to develop the associated port facilities and infrastructure, and to secure governmental pathways promoting the transition towards innovative CO2 reducing technologies.

Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou, Advent’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are delighted to start our collaboration with ESF, a company which has been actively demonstrating its commitment to accelerate the green transition through zero-emission innovative technology. This new agreement will strengthen our presence in Europe and further advance our vision to support industries in decarbonizing at a faster rate.”

Mr. Jurjen Poorting, ESF’s Proprietor and CEO stated: “We are excited about our collaboration with Advent, as it will enable us to offer next-generation fuel cell solutions for our customers’ clean energy transitions. We look forward to facilitating Advent’s path through the configuration of SereneU fuel cells, clean power products that are already commercially available. As a result of the ongoing introduction of new CO2 emission regulations in Europe, industries are now readier than ever to transition to cleaner energy solutions. As Advent’s partner in the Dutch region, our goal is to both showcase fuel cell demonstrations, but also to feed the growing demand for fuel cell products. Our market know-how, in combination with Advent’s technical expertise, will put us in a position to penetrate the Dutch market better, faster, and at a high-quality level.”

About Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc.

Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. is a U.S. corporation that develops, manufactures, and assembles complete fuel cell systems as well as supplying customers with critical components for fuel cells in the renewable energy sector. Advent is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in California, Greece, Denmark, Germany, and the Philippines. With more than 100 patents issued and licensed for its fuel cell technology, Advent holds the IP for next-generation HT-PEM that enables various fuels to function at high temperatures and under extreme conditions – offering a flexible “Any Fuel. Anywhere.” option for the automotive, aviation, defense, oil and gas, marine, and power generation sectors. For more information, visit

About ESF

Electric Ship Facilities is a family-owned business with over 15 years of experience in electric and hybrid propulsion systems and energy systems for recreational and commercial purposes. ESF offers a wide range of energy solutions, and in recent years has been particularly focused on technologies that are enabling green transitions.

ESF addresses their customers across different application fields, offering demonstrations and state-of-the-art components for which low (zero) emissions and energy efficiency are key factors. For more information, please visit

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