Dear Customers and Partners,

At Advent Technologies, we are committed to creating a better world by developing clean-energy solutions. Today, given the Covid-19 pandemic, the world faces an unprecedented situation. We all had to change our plans and prioritize the safety of our employees, the uninterrupted operation of our supply chain and the continuity of our business. In this light, I would like to inform you about the measures we have taken and what you can expect from us forward.

Ensuring the safety of our people

Our teams in Cambridge, MA, USA, and Patras, Greece are either working with increased safety measures at the production and lab facilities or from home and are complying with all the Federal and State business and labor guidelines. We have been fortunate that the Greek government has taken early action and has so far one of the best covid-19 suppression records in Europe. Furthermore, our Boston team is located at the best State in the USA health-care wise.

Ensuring continuity of business operations

We have recently completed a significant funding round in Q1 2020 that will let us innovate and also safeguard our operations against this crisis.  We want to assure you that we will not downgrade our services, product, and quality levels during this period. We will weather the storm and be ready for the next day.

Building the future of clean energy

The months before Covid-19 were probably the best for the fuel cell business in many years. The world realizes faster than ever that hydrogen, methanol, and renewable liquid fuels are needed to address the other long-term ongoing “pandemic” we are facing: pollution and climate change. Our other business lines (membranes and electrodes for redox flow batteries and electrolysis, and organic photovoltaics) are also showing great promise.

  • We have started investing in our new production line that will increase tenfold our HT-PEM MEA production capabilities in the USA and Europe.
  • Ongoing initiatives to reduce the cost of our products are underway, and we expect to have exciting news in the upcoming months. Recently we have been able to provide to our customers prices deemed impossible a couple of years ago.
  • Furthermore, we have a very promising R&D program, with two upcoming breakthroughs at an advanced maturity level. We will be able to announce more, soon.

The top priority of everyone as a business and individual for the next months is to support the employees, the community, and those in need. That said, we are open for business and excited about the future. We are looking forward to getting on a Zoom meeting with you and do some exciting work together. This is a time for communication, openness, and exchange of information. Together we can manage uncertainty and thrive.

We have recently launched our new web site,  Please visit it at your convenience and don’t hesitate to drop us a message.   Please also stay extra safe until the day we will shake hands again in person.

Best regards,

Vasilis Gregoriou Ph.D., 

Chief Executive Officer

Advent Technologies