Off-Grid and Portable Power Generation

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HT-PEM Stationary Fuel Cells

(1kW to 5kW)

Enable off-grid, portable, auxiliary, combined heat and power or stationary power applications.
Our fuel cells run on any fuel, anywhere and ensure long autonomy, low cost and environment friendly operation.


Portable Power

Stationary Advent HT-PEM Fuel Cells provide reliable, high-quality power during emergency response situations such as defense, law enforcement, transportation safety, rescue and surveillance markets, as well as to non-emergency situations such as powering telco towers, remote construction sites, lighted trade show displays, etc.. Advent develops and licenses for mass-production 55W to 5kW systems.

Advent fuel cells bring the benefits of:



Auxiliary power

for transportation APUs for marine, trucking, aviation, and recreational vehicles. For “hoteling” load such as heating, lighting, charging.


Combined Heat & Power Systems (micro-CHP)

Micro Combined heat and power (micro-CHP) systems use primarily natural gas to provide energy for private homes and small commercial buildings. Overall system efficiency can reach 90% (35%+ electric, 50%+ heat). Micro-CHP units have better environmental performance than traditional competing technologies.

We forge strategic alliances with OEMs and Tier 1 Manufacturers, co-develop specific solutions and license our technology to them.