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Cut your methane emissions on every oil well to zero, NOW.


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Demand for electric systems and sensors in the O&G sector is increasing to drive down methane emissions, increase well productivity and safety, and decrease maintenance costs, ADVENT’s M-ZERØ™ Family of Products aims to Drop Wellhead Methane Emissions to Zero in Well Sites.


The M-ZERØ™ family of products includes the M-ZERØ™ 50W and 150W models with plans for power levels up to 400W by 2022. The M-ZERØ™ 50-400 systems include advanced features from UltraCell’s new RMFC (Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell) technology, which allows
grade methanol.

Reduce O&G well site emissions up to 40 Mt carbon dioxide per year

The implementation of the M-ZERØ™ Advent Solution will result in fast decarbonization of the Oil & Gas industry by mitigating the methane emission problem.

Fuel cells powering 185,000 oil & gas wellheads in the US and Canada will reduce emissions of up to 40 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is equivalent to the carbon footprint of more than eight million passenger cars.